‘Time Traveler From 2030’ Actually Got Predictions For 2019 Correct

Time traveller gives predictions.Apex TV

Admittedly I’m a little skeptical about self-described time travellers claiming to have come back from the future to warn us about global events to come.


And just two months ago I was erm, a tad harsh on a bloke by the name of Noah who claimed to have come back from the year 2030.

Among other calamities, Noah warned us of how aliens will one day walk the earth, and advised that there will one day be Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) capable of controlling the government.


How I snorted and rolled my eyes as I wrote that piece, packing it full of sarcastic Doctor Who gifs and dismissive put downs. However, could it be that I am about to eat my words alongside a side dish of humble pie?

In my original article, I wrote the following with some amusement:

Unfortunately, it’s bad news for sedentary city dwellers who were hoping to take up jogging in the new year.

Various cities are set to be obliterated by the worst snowstorm the planet has ever seen. And this before you even consider the impending flurry of UFOs…

Noah had stated:

Starting from 2019 to 2020, January 2019 will see a huge and massive spike of UFO sightings. People see them everywhere.

In February 2019, massive snowstorm hits the Midwest, multiple cities are wiped out by snow storms. It is the biggest snowstorm in history.

Okay, so I’ve yet to see a UFO trying to parallel park outside my house. However, his comments about historically significant storms in the midwest of the US have rung eerily true.


In January, a deep freeze did indeed engulf the midwest, with temperatures dropping to freakish levels usually seen in the Antarctic.

The polar vortex caused chaos in midwest cities, which saw the lowest temperatures experienced in decades. These cities became nearly unrecognizable ice kingdoms, with severe disruption to everyday life and serious threats to public health.

Pictures and videos circulated around the internet, showing spaghetti frozen solid on a Chicago balcony, and hot coffee turned to ice when chucked in the air.


America’s National Weather Service issued the following warning to those in affected areas at the time:

People exposed to extreme cold are susceptible to frostbite in a matter of minutes.

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Coincidence? Or should I get Noah on the blower next time I’m picking out lottery numbers?

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