Time Traveller From 2030 Reveals Some Very Specific Predictions For 2019

by : Julia Banim on : 18 Dec 2018 20:15
Time traveller gives predictions.Apex TV

Personally, I’ve yet to meet a person who can one hundred per cent convince me of time travel is legitimate. But I remain open-minded to the possibility.

Unfortunately, Noah – who claims to have returned from the not really too distant future of 2030 – has failed to wow me with his ropey revelations this time.


Noah – who has brought library pages back from the future as ‘proof’ – has a number of predictions as to what the future will hold, or as he refers to them, ‘the facts’.

Kicking off his video with a bang, Noah does not hold back as he introduces himself to his audience of historic artefacts:

Hello. My name is Noah the Time Traveller. I am a time traveller from the year 2030. I have came [sic] back from this time to tell you guys about the future.


He continued to address any doubts a person might have as to his authenticity:

You might be wondering, ‘why are you listening to me?’ Well, I have actually predicted multiple things before. Including celebrity deaths, world issues, world events.

And the future president of the United States that will be coming soon, who is Yolanda Renee King. Granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr.

In the future, aliens will reportedly land on earth and will be discovered by humans who will make peace with them.

According to Noah, the aliens are ‘kinda slender like’ and ‘humanoid but not at the same time’:


Aliens are something I cannot describe with my words. It’s more of a thing you have to see yourself.

Time traveller shows library papers.BBC

And don’t just take Noah’s word for it. He has two fists stuffed with scrunched up library papers. Okay!

Before revealing the library papers, Noah had to move to a different room for ‘privacy’ reasons; warning the explosive papers couldn’t be seen before the video was uploaded.


And boy are we in for a time of it. Humans will be plugged into computers (kind of like the Matrix) while Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) ‘completely controls the government’.

On a brighter note, there will be one universal currency, and one global flag, with the presence of aliens helping to unite countries across the world.

Time traveller speaks about the future.BBC

Unfortunately, it’s bad news for sedentary city dwellers who were hoping to take up jogging in the new year. Various cities are set to be obliterated by the worst snowstorm the planet has ever seen. And this before you even consider the impending flurry of UFOs…


An admirably confident Noah explained:

Starting from 2019 to 2020, January 2019 will see a huge and massive spike of UFO sightings. People see them everywhere.

In February 2019, massive snowstorm hits the Midwest, multiple cities are wiped out by snow storms. It is the biggest snowstorm in history.


Indeed, 2019 looks set to be one of the most dramatic years mankind has ever seen, particularly in regards to miraculous medical breakthroughs.

Not only will we see a robotic eye released in April, June will bring with it a chip which will allow ‘paralysed people to walk again’. Hallelujah!

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