'Time Traveller' From 2714 Reveals When The Zombie Apocalypse Will Take Place And How It Starts

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'Time Traveller' From 2714 Reveals When The Zombie Apocalypse Will Take Place And How It Starts
'Time Traveller' From 2714 Reveals When The Zombie Apocalypse Will Take Place And How It Starts (Alamy/Netflix)

A TikToker who claims to be a time traveller has warned that a zombie apocalypse is set to take place on Earth.

Aery Yormany, who alleges they are a 'real time traveler from the year 2714,' uses the platform to warn followers of upcoming events in a bid to 'save humanity'.

So, start planning your exit strategies and which supermarket you'd run to to stock pile, as we should apparently be preparing for a real life The Walking Dead.



The video states: 'Listen to this warning, zombies will be real, and there will be an apocalypse in 2033. The first zombie comes to be after being stung by a hornet with odd chemicals in its stinger. It is very contagious, if you even touch them, you'll be affected.'

However, the supposed time traveller then reveals a cure 'is found years later'.

TikToker Predicts Zombie Apocalypse on Earth (Alamy)
TikToker Predicts Zombie Apocalypse on Earth (Alamy)

The post has since amassed over 57,000 views, with users flocking to the video to weigh in on the warning. One said: 'So then why don't you just give the cure now?'

'Maybe you should watch The Simpsons. They're much better at predicting future events', another wrote.

A third commented: 'U call cap. If ur trying to save humanity, go to the government or something not TikTok.'

Still from Doctor Who (BBC)
Still from Doctor Who (BBC)

Another of Yormany's videos suggest that Earth is going to 'be hit by a powerful solar wind' in 2028, the multiverse 'proven true' in 2024, and on March 9, that an asteroid will supposedly be discovered that 'threatens all life on Earth'.

This is not the first time that TikTok has attracted people claiming to be time travellers, after another user alleged to have travelled six years into the future.

Moreover, back in May, an alleged time traveller from 2582 claimed that a clone of Earth would be discovered by astronauts.

Another supposed time traveller even stated they had footage of Las Vegas in 2120.


Time Traveller From 2028 Posts Eerie Video As 'Last Person On Earth'

published at10 days ago

According to the latest video from Yormany, we should not only be practicing our The Last Of Us moves IRL for an expected zombie attack, but also be aware that coronavirus is 'only at the beginning of its reign of terror'.

The TikToker has warned followers that a new strain of the virus, which will be known as 'Omega' is set to arrive in April leading to a 'Worldwide lockdown'.

A worldwide lockdown? Like the UK's national lockdown, I'm sure it won't stop anyone from squeezing in a little birthday party anyway.


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