Tinder Is Launching A Verified Profile Function For Celebrities



Celebrities will now be verified on Tinder, much like Twitter. So you know for SURE that you are definitely talking to the real thing. Like that would ever happen.

Every single person’s favourite app Tinder is launching it’s verified accounts, so you know for certain if it’s celebrities you are swiping right on.

They link up to your Facebook account, and recently incorporated Instagram into your profile, so the app actually uses a lot more social media than you might first realise. Which is scary for the cheaters out there, seeing as Business Insider recently discovered that as many as 30% of Tinder’s users are actually married.

It’s only a matter of time before you get caught… Or pull your celebrity crush.

The little verified icon is reserved for ‘notable public figures, general celebrities, or athletes’, so if you see it, you will KNOW it’s them, and they will obviously match with you.

Happy swiping!