Tiny Monolith ‘Mysteriously Appears’ In Pittsburgh, Definitely Not The Aliens

by : Julia Banim on : 04 Dec 2020 16:27
Grandpa Joe's Candy ShopGrandpa Joe's Candy Shop/Facebook

Just as we began to settle into the final few weeks of what has been a truly baffling year, a series of mysterious monoliths started popping up all over the show.

From Utah to the Romanian city of Piatra Neamţ, these monoliths have left people all over the world scratching their tinfoil hats as to where they could have possibly come from.


Now a tiny monolith – a minilith? – has appeared in Pittsburgh, but it most probably hasn’t been plonked there by any little green men…

You can check out the baby monolith for yourself below:


The other monoliths were approximately four metres (13ft) tall, stuck firmly and securely into the ground. This diminunative version looks decidedly less substantial, appearing to be balanced precariously on the pavement.


Located outside of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, the structure appears to have been built by notably smaller aliens, whose lack of strength and digging skills appear to be more than made up for by their sweet tooth.

Unveiling the monolith via the store’s official Facebook page, Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop revealed:

First Utah, then Romania! Now a giant Monolith just mysteriously appeared in Pittsburgh’s Strip District @ Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop

Grandpa Joe's Candy ShopGrandpa Joe's Candy Shop/Facebook

For those unaware of the brand, Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop is a small, independently-owned sweet shop chain. There are 10 candy stores dotted around Pennsylvania and Ohio, with the Pittsburgh Strip District store being the very first to open back in 2012.

One wouldn’t immediately think that advanced beings from outer space would even be aware of the business. However, the universe does work in mysterious ways, and maybe the sweets really are that yummy.

Patrons of the very fun-looking sweet shop have been thrilled and amused by the shiny – and slightly dented – visitor, with one person commenting:

You have your own monolith. The aliens must really love you. Merry Christmas!


Another joked:

I’m not saying it’s aliens buuuut.

Grandpa Joe's Candy ShopGrandpa Joe's Candy Shop/Facebook

Christopher J Beers, the owner of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, told UNILAD:


The approximately 10ft tall metal monolith appeared in front of our shop in the early morning hours on Thursday.

It’s been quite an attraction stopping passerby’s in their tracks. Those who know about the recent phenomenon are surprised to find one here in front of my store, Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. Most take a selfie or give it a hug.

So many questions remain to be answered. Where will these monoliths crop up next? And have the aliens heard tell of Thorntons, do we think?

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