Titanic Has An Alternate Ending, And It Is Hilarious

Titanic/20th Century Fox

Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of the release of Titanic in UK cinemas, and apparently the film nearly ended very differently.

In the movie’s original ending, an elderly Rose has been returned to the spot where the ‘unsinkable’ ship sank, and away from prying eyes drops the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ diamond necklace into the depths.

This then allows her to be at peace, and although some debate it, she appears to die as an old woman, warm in her bed as her former lover Jack wanted. In spirit she then returns to the ship to be with him.

All very heartwarming. The alternative, on the other hand, is a completely different kettle of fish, riddled with awkward attempts at comedy.

At the moment where Rose has crept out of her cabin, into the freezing Atlantic air wearing nothing but a nighty, her attempt to let go of the diamond is spotted.

Bill Paxton’s oceanic treasure hunter Brock Lovett uncomfortably resists screaming at an old lady for hiding the diamond from him. He then gets one quick touch before Rose teaches him a valuable life lesson, and with a comedy squeak, tosses the diamond overboard.

And of course all he can do at this point is smile about it.

“That really sucks lady.” Yes, it sure does.

If only the oceanic explorers had some kind of oceanic exploring equipment aboard their oceanic exploring vessel through which they could retrieve the diamond. Oh, wait, they do.