Today Is The Day Everyone Switches Off For Christmas

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Today feels like the last stretch to Christmas, the final leg before we all get a bit of time off and enjoy a good knees up.

If you’re sat at your desk thinking of Christmas, rather than getting on with whatever your boss wants you to, then you’re not alone.

Apparently, Monday 18 December is officially the day everyone admits to clocking off from work mentally.


According to Huffington Post, about 57 per cent of employees admit to being distracted from work by all the festive goings-on and so, productivity hits the floor.

Of those surveyed, about two in five admitted to clocking off at work to spend some time Christmas shopping, while another 35 per cent said they dream away their 9-5 by planning Christmas Day.

Personally, I think it’s admirable people are putting so much effort into their turkey and trimmings, they’re thinking about them a whole week in advance, but your boss probably wouldn’t agree?


About one in three of those surveyed said they eschew their work commitments in order to plan their Christmas break in its entirety – from their first day off, to their last.

Most shockingly, (or impressively), about one in six of those surveyed said they’ll indulge on a festive drinkie while still on the clock. Santa would be ashamed.

One in five people said they’d leave work earlier than they ordinarily would, presumably to get those last minute gifts before the shops get hammered come 5pm?


However, probably for the same reason, around one in ten will take a longer lunch than they would at other times of the year, with some people (four per cent) deciding not to come into work at all.

The reason behind the poll is obvious, according to HR analytics company Peakon, they claim one in five respondents were just ‘too excited’ to get on with their work.

One third of the respondents said they simply had too much to plan for the big day, while 21 per cent admitted to feeling burnt-out.

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Nineteen per cent of those surveyed said workplace festivities like Secret Santa were to blame, but it’s not clear whether people love them or hate them?

One in three agreed the downturn is because business has slowed and there is less work to do at this time of year.

Anyway, just off to go and take an hour-long late lunch.