Todd Howard Clarifies Comments About Three ‘Big And Crazy’ New Projects


A couple of weeks back, our lord and saviour Todd Howard mentioned in a speech that Bethesda have three “big and crazy” projects in the works for fans to look forward to in the distant future. After running his mouth off like that and getting everyone all excited, he’s decided to elaborate on the subject – or rather de-laborate.

Speaking in an interview with, Howard said that he wished he never shared an exact number, as the devs have a lot more going on than just three projects.

He said:

I should have never said a number because we have so many things. You could add it up in different ways.  You could say it’s bigger or smaller. They’re a long way off. I think the larger point was, no one should expect to hear about those [games] anytime soon. We always overlap projects. We just have more going on now than we had before.

Howard also piped up about the fact Bethesda have just opened a new studio in Montreal, that will focus on mobile, console and PC development – though nobody is quite sure exactly what the studio will be responsible for.


If that weren’t enough to get you thinking, he also mentioned that Bethesda are looking into VR, though they’re not in a rush to get anything out any time soon.

He continued:

We’re exploring some things [in VR]. We’ll see where that heads. We don’t want to talk about it quite yet until we’ve figured some things out.

So on that basis, we probably shouldn’t expect to be strapping on our virtual goggles for a wonder round Fallout 4 any time soon. Pity really, that would be fucking amazing.