Toddlers Die After Mother ‘Deliberately Leaves Them In Hot Car As Punishment’

Parker County Sheriff's Office

A brother and sister have died after it’s alleged that their mother purposely left them in a hot car for three hours as punishment.

The two toddlers, Juliet aged two and Cavanaugh, aged just 16-months old, had apparently been left in the car as a form of punishment.

Their mother, 24-year-old Cynthia Marie Randolph, has been charged with causing their deaths.


Cynthia had initially told police that the pair had accidentally locked themselves inside the vehicle, at their home in Texas, back in May.

Temperatures at the time were in the region of 96 degrees Fahrenheit – the equivalent of 35.5C.

It was only later on that Cynthia changed her story and admitted she’d left them there, according to the Parker County Cheriff’s office.

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The toddlers had apparently refused to leave the car after Cynthia had found them playing inside.

Police added that Cynthia had ordered them to come out, shouting at her daughter:

Stop your s**t

According to police, Cynthia thought her daughter would be able to open the door herself and get out.


It’s alleged that Cynthia returned to the vehicle three hours later in which time, she had ‘smoked cannabis and took a nap’, according to the Washington Post.

The defendant said she was asleep for two or three hours.

It was only after waking up, Cynthia is believed to have come across the toddlers who were unconscious inside the car.

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Cynthia later confessed to police that she had smashed the car windows to make it look like they had locked themselves in and she was seemingly trying to help.

The two toddlers were pronounced dead at around 16:30 – four hours after they had been left in the car.

Cynthia will be charged with two counts of causing serious bodily injury to a child.

Over the past two decades, 700 children have died of heatstroke when inside hot cars.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to pay for the funeral costs of Juliet and Cavanaugh.