Tom Cruise Injured Filming ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ After Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong


Tom Cruise has been left limping after injuring himself on the set of upcoming action flick, Mission: Impossible 6.

The 55-year-old movie star had been leaping daringly between buildings as part of a stunt, assisted by a harness. Tom is well known in Hollywood for doing his own stunts and so would have felt fairly confident as he took the running jump.

However, things took a dangerous turn as Tom launched himself from the rigging only to miss the bit of roof he was aiming for, slamming his body into the side of the building…

Footage from TMZ shows Tom pull himself to safety before staggering over to crew members who escort him away. The extent of his injuries is unknown as of yet.

Tom has repeatedly shown himself to be fearless when playing the part of Mission: Impossible protagonist Ethan Hunt.

Previous stunts in the film franchise have included him hanging off the side of an airborne airplane and holding his breath underwater for well over six minutes.

As he hits his mid fifties, he shows no sign of slowing down…

Here’s wishing Tom a full recovery.