Tom Hanks Brilliantly Trolls Donald Trump With Gift And A Note

by : UNILAD on : 05 Mar 2017 11:00

As Donald Trump’s chaotic presidency rolls into towards its third month, non-other than people’s champ and all-round good-guy Tom Hanks has landed the latest blow – right at his door.


We’re all aware that the Trump administration has a pretty big problem with large sections of the press – in particular those that like to ask him ‘difficult’ questions.

In between attacking CNN, blocking certain media outlets from the White House and generally crying ‘fake news’ it’s no secret he’s not a big fan of the White House press.


But as it turns out, Tom Hanks really is.


According to Elite Daily, over the years, Hanks has sent coffee machines to members of the White House press.

Last week, members of the Press Corps reported Hanks had sent them a brand new espresso maker.

Here it is:

NBC reports this particular machine is a Pasquini Livia G4 and according to CNN anchor Jake Tapper it’s the third coffee maker Hanks has sent.

As well as the coffee machine, Hanks also attached a note – featuring a drawing of American troops helping prisoners.

It reads: 


Keep up the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Especially for the Truth part.

Given the Trump administration’s obsession with fake news, the emphasis on the ‘Truth’ part is especially poignant.

Although he’s clearly not a fan, after the election, Hanks did come out and say he hopes Trump does well as president for the sake of the American people.

He said in a speech: 

Sometimes, to quote a Springsteen song, it’s ‘one step forward, two steps back,’ but [America] still aggregately move[s] forward.

I prefer the Gaggia machines to Pasquinis myself – better water pressure – but  if it was coming from Tom Hanks I’d probably switch…

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    Tom Hanks Ruthlessly Trolls Trump By Sending Coffee Maker With Bold Note