Tom Hardy Is Bookies Favourite To Be The Next James Bond

by : UNILAD on : 10 Feb 2018 21:48

Tom Hardy is now the bookies’ favourite to be the next 007 and we couldn’t be more excited about it.


Daniel Craig’s final outing as the super spy isn’t due to be released until late next year but rumours about who’ll be taking over the role of Bond, James Bond are already circulating.

In December last year fans were angered as it was revealed James Norton, who’s best known for his work on BBC dramas such as Happy Valley and McMafia, was tipped to inherit Craig’s tuxedo and stunning Aston Martin.


Although the 32-year-old actor had the handsome and charming nature necessary to play the slick spy, fans were hoping the new Bond wouldn’t be the usual middle-class toff.


They should be happy then Hardy is the new favourite as he’d surely bring some rough edges to the legendary character.

According to Betway, since the finale of Norton’s show McMafia, his odds have drifted from 2/1 to 5/2 seeing him being toppled off the number one spot by Hardy.

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The online bookmaker now believe it’s a two-horse race as Hardy has crept in with new 3/1 odds which see him edging closer to getting the licence to kill.

Betway’s Alan Alger, said:

Future Bonds are being judged on their current performances and that’s left McMafia star James Norton very unpopular in the betting over the past 24 hours.

McMafia’s finale has been dubbed anticlimactic by a host of critics and with Norton at the forefront we’ve pushed him out to 5/2 from 2/1.

The money has come back in for Tom Hardy since Sunday night and he’s now a big fancy to be named the next 007 at just 9/4.

Following behind Norton and Hardy are Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston, both of whom have odds at 6/1 while Poldark himself, Aidan Turner, is fancied at 7/1 for the secret agent role.


I think Hardy would make a fantastic Bond as he has both the suave characteristics and blend of rawness needed to play the British agent.

However, we’re unsure how true the rumours are considering how busy he’s been recently.

The actor is still filming Venom – director Ruben Fleischer’s deliciously violent take on the comic book creation.

The solo Venom film will not be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, going under the helm of Sony Pictures instead.

With Carnage as the main villain, we’ve been promised it will be an R-rated orgy of blood, teeth and violence, giving the wise-cracking Deadpool a run for his money.

Hardy will take on the lead role of Eddie Brock – a journalist in the comics, who becomes bonded with an alien symbiote.

Together, they make Venom – an anti-hero protecting the innocent.

After filming the Venom movie Hardy has plenty of other projects on his plate including the highly anticipated sequel Mad Max: The Wasteland, as well as an adventure film about Navy SEALS entitled War Party and finally, Fonzo, a movie which will see him take on the role of Al Capone.

Still, Bond is a few years off so we’ll keep our fingers crossed in the meantime.


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