Tom Hardy Partied With His Dog After Legend Premiere

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 15.02.12Jon Furniss/Corbis

Tom Hardy’s dog stole the show at the premiere for Legend last night after the British star brought him along with his wife Charlotte Riley.

Labrador mix, Woody, even managed to chase down a pigeon on the red (blue) carpet and enjoyed the attention of the females in attendance.

The Leicester Square premier in London was packed out by stars and fans alike, and while managing to get a few selfies in with the crowd, Tom was second best all night.

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Legend is the extremely anticipated new film in which Hardy portrays the infamous Kray Twins. He plays both Ronnie and Reggie alongside Emily Browning.

Tom is also a vocal lover of animals, and has used his movie premieres as a chance to bring dogs along before. In 2014, he starred alongside a pitbull named Zora in The Drop, and carried her to the NYC premiere.

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Speaking to Refinery29 last September, he said: “I’m an absolute sucker for dogs, and I normally find a dog on every film I do. They always end up in the house somehow, even if I have to take it from someone’s car. I’ve got no scruples. There’s always a way for a stray.”

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Hardy took Woody in a few years back after almost running him over on the streets of Atlanta during the filming of Lawless, and when he and co-star Jessica Chastain finally found him, he ended up becoming the on-set dog.

Brilliant. That’s a rags to riches story I’m a fan of.