Tom Holland Improvised The Darkest Line In Infinity War



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You may not have noticed, but a little film called Avengers: Inifity War opened in cinemas across the world last week and everyone’s been going nuts over it.

The latest Avengers film is the culmination of a 10-year journey which started with 2008’s Iron Man. For those who have watched it, it’s fair to say its ending has left Marvel fans with all kinds of feels.

Now before I go any further into this article I’m warning you, we will be delving into spoiler territory, so this is my heads up to those of you who STILL haven’t seen Inifity War… click out of this article.

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Last Chance!

Okay, so during Avengers: Inifity War’s finale Thanos succeeds in collecting all of the Infinity Stones. It culminates in him using the Time Stone to literally rip the Mind Stone from Vision’s head before discarding him like an unwanted pizza crust. Brutal stuff.

But it’s nothing compared to the climactic ending when the Mad Titan uses all six Infinity Stones to wipe out half of the galaxy including the MCU’s main characters: Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Bucky (aka The Winter Soldier), Falcon, pretty much all of The Guardians of the Galaxy (bar Rocket and Nebula), Dr Strange and Spider-Man.

In one of the more heartbreaking moments, as we watch our favourite wall-crawler crumble away, we see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker come to the sudden realisation he’s about to die. Heartstrings start to pull as the fear sets in his eyes and his mentor, Tony Stark, looks on helplessly as his young charge beings to fade away. ACTING!

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As he crumbles away he tells Iron Man ‘I don’t wanna go’ as well as being ‘sorry’. It’s pretty emotional stuff. What’s surprising is this scene was completely improvised by Holland himself… ACTING!

According to director Joe Russo, who was giving a talk at the University of Iowa (where he was once a student), as well as talking about the fate of certain characters he also revealed Holland’s dialogue towards the end of the film was not in the script.

According to Reddit user Anewthrowaway_quest who was at the Q&A,  he says Russo, who directed Infinity War along with his brother Anthony, confirmed Holland totally improvised his scene.

Furthermore, he confirms Valkyrie (who was in Thor: Ragnarok) survived Thanos’ attack on the Asgardian ship at the beginning of the film but he wouldn’t reveal the fate of fan favourite Korg.

He also ‘alludes’ as to why Dr Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) gives Thanos the Time Stone, pointing out the line he said to Tony (‘this is the only way’) and him seeing into the future with the stone, he’s basically telling the Iron Avenger he did it to achieve victory.

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I guess we’ll have to wait until the next Avengers film, which is out in May next year, to see what Strange had up his sleeve.

In non-spoiler-news it’s been officially confirmed Infinity War opened with an estimated $630 million worldwide, smashing previous-holder The Fate of the Furious with $542 million.

It also set a new record for an opening weekend at the domestic box office, with a projected $250 million. It’s since overtaken the record set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which garnered $248 million.