Tommy Robinson Loses High Court Case Against Syrian Schoolboy

by : Emily Brown on : 22 Jul 2021 15:04
Tommy Robinson Loses High Court Case Against Syrian SchoolboyPA Images

Anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson has lost a high court case against a Syrian schoolboy who accused him of libel. 

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, claimed Jamal Hijazi attacked ‘young English girls’ after footage emerged of the student being abused at Almondbury School in Huddersfield in October 2018.


Following the release of the video, Robinson shared two posts on Facebook in which he claimed the teen was ‘not innocent’; that he had ‘violently’ attacked other students in his school, ‘beat a girl black and blue’ and ‘threatened to stab’ another boy.

Tommy Robinson (PA Images)PA Images

Hijazi denied the allegations and accused Robinson of libel, with Catrin Evans QC claiming that the videos made by the English Defence League founder, which were viewed by nearly 1 million people, had led to the teen ‘facing death threats and extremist agitation’, BBC News reports.

Evans argued Hijazi should receive damages of between £150,000 and £190,000, and today, July 22, the student won the trial after Justice Nicklin ruled in his favour, granting him £100,000 in damages.


At a trial in April, Evans described Robinson as ‘a well-known extreme-right advocate’, claiming he had an ‘anti-Muslim agenda’ and that he used social media to spread his views. She further accused him of turning Hijazi into ‘the aggressor’ through the videos, while the bully who attacked the schoolboy was painted as a ‘righteous white knight’.

Tommy Robinson (PA Images)PA Images

Robinson, on the other hand, argued he was an independent journalist and claimed that the media ‘simply had zero interest in the other side of this story, the uncomfortable truth’.

He also claimed to have uncovered ‘dozens of accounts of aggressive, abusive and deceitful behaviour’ by Hijazi.


Following the judge’s ruling, a hearing is set to take place to consider the consequences of the decision.

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