Top Gear Banned From Filming Tunnel Stunt As Show’s Drivers Investigated


Is it me or is the show ‘Top Gear’ always finding itself on the bad end of publicity?

I seem to remember the trouble they caused in the Falklands, the Cenotaph incident and not to mention Jeremy Clarkson!

Well cue a new series and cue a new scandal…


Police in Norway ended up revoking a special speed licence that was issued to Top Gear after one of the super-cars they were using was clocked speeding three times the maximum limit.

Sensors alerted police to the vehicle when it sped through the three and-a-half mile Atlantic Ocean Tunnel while they were filming, reports the The Sun.

The supercar in question is reported to be either a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, or a Porsche Panamera Sport – and was clocked doing 151mph in a 50mph zone.

Associated Press

The BBC have said that neither Matt LeBlanc or Chris Harris were in the area at the time the reading was recorded but officers are demanding to know who was behind the wheel of the speeding vehicle.

A BBC spokesman said:

We are fully co-operating with the police.

The special permit issued by police in Norway allows cars to travel at speeds of up to 87mph.

Anne Berit Lian, Police chief, said:

At present, one cannot determine who was behind the speed violations.

The investigation is aimed at uncovering this.

Permits to exceed the speed limit have been revoked.


In 2016, when Chris Evans was hosting the show, Top Gear had a failed attempt to film in Romsdal, also in Norway.

They wanted to lift the 50mph speed limit and despite shipping cars over, closing roads and organising helicopters, the £250,000 shoot had to be cancelled.