Topless Woman Of Times Square Punched In The Face By Angry Lady

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One 23 year old woman was attacked in broad daylight in Times Square, for being topless.

The ‘Painted Lady’ has been causing quite a stir, with New York natives claiming the nudity brings the tone of the city down, and now it seems one woman has taken matters into her own hands.

She branded the painted woman a ‘nasty whore’ and punched her in the face, before being arrested by police.


Amanda Roman, the painted lady, and her attacker, Angela L. Portalatin, were taken away by police in handcuffs.

One witness spoke to the New York Post and claimed:

Some girl from out of nowhere said, “You nasty! I don’t like the way you look,” and then punched her in the face for no reason.

Roman was forced to put on a t-shirt by officers, and witnesses claimed the attack was unprovoked, with the duo set to appear in court later this week.