Tourist Dies After Being Beaten In The Street During ‘Forced Shopping’ Tour


Tourists being harassed to buy souvenirs from particular stores whilst on an excursion is a global problem, but in Hong Kong a man has died for daring to say no.

The 54-year-old man stepped in after seeing a fellow tourist being pressured into purchasing jewellery from a shop after initially refusing.

The woman was actually being harangued by the tour leader when the man, a building contractor from north-east China, stepped in to offer his fellow holidaymaker support.

His effort was met only with force as he was dragged, along with the woman he defended, out into the street and viciously beaten, before dying as a result of the assault.


Two men and two women have since been arrested in relation to the attack but police say they are still hunting two others.

The Hong Kong Tourist Board has released a statement condemning the killing and hoping to defend Hong Kong’s reputation.

A statement read:

The HKTB has zero tolerance for any act that impacts the hospitable image of Hong Kong, particularly acts of violence”.

I should bloody well hope they have a zero tolerance policy on any act that leaves a man dead, regardless of its impact on Hong Kong’s ‘hospitable image’.