Tourist Spot Where 13 Killed In 36 Hours Sees Yet Another Bloodbath

Horror In Cancun As Gunman Opens Fire At Resort Popular With Brit TouristsGetty

Mexican prosecutors are investigating the identity of five men whose bodies were left in a car in Cancun.

The prosecutors’ office in the state of Quintana Roo said the bodies were found early Wednesday morning but are yet to be identified.

The news comes at a time when violence and gang-related killings in the city are at an all-time high.

Earlier this week, prosecutors announced the arrest of three Cancun police officers in relation to the kidnapping of four Colombian citizens, The New York Post reports.

There were 33 homicides in January alone, treble the amount as January 2017. The death toll for 2018 so far stands at over 100.

Horror In Cancun As Gunman Opens Fire At Resort Popular With Brit TouristsGetty

Last month, three policemen were suspended after posing for pictures with topless tourists on the Cancun beach.

The bobbies were sporting body armour and carrying machine guns at the scene.

The pictures were posted on Facebook under the caption: ‘When you’re more interested in the sl*ts than looking after Cancun’s beaches.’ It was later deleted after state police reportedly order it to be removed.


State police have been dispatched to the Quintana Roo region of Mexico after a rise in Cartel-based violence along Cancun’s beaches, MailOnline reports.

In January 2017, gunmen killed four people in an attack on the state prosecutors’ office. A day before, a shooting at a music festival in Playa del Carmen left three foreigners and two locals dead. In 2017 alone, 205 people were murdered in the city.

One user commented:

The officers were merely ensuring that the ladies had applied sufficient suntan lotion. It is their duty to protect and serve. When I was in the police scantily clad women do like their photo with you. You have to be polite. Somewhere there is a photo of me with two naked strippers in a bar in the West End after we rescued them from a pub brawl.

Another said:

If you’re going to expose yourself topless in a public place, then expect anyone to take photos. Being topless shouldn’t be some draconian Protestant taboo but if you’re going to do it, go all the way, or don’t so it at all. Men literally walk around topless all the time at the beach. It’s about changing the cultural stigma and normalising it.


A third added:

The first representation one see’s of a state is through it’s policing force the face of a state.

In Mexico police pay for gas repairs to vehicles bullets vests and their quotas (extortion) must be paid to the high command.

It’s a breeding ground for corruption and organised criminal activity… No moral compass.. Symptoms of a failed state.

A grim state of affairs, no doubt.

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