Tourists Issued Chilling Warning About Entering Newly Opened Great Pyramid Of Giza

by : UNILAD on : 02 Oct 2017 18:26
PA / Ministry of Antiquities

An apparently cursed tomb, containing the bodies of workers who built the Great Pyramid of Giza, has become open to the public after being off-limits for over 30 years.


Archaeologists have been grafting away at the tomb, which is reportedly 4,500 years old, in an area close to the pyramid.

According to legend, the ‘tribal mountain’ location was cursed by the workers’ boss so it would be protected from thieves.

Unfortunately, I cannot confirm whether or not this actually happened.


The Giza Plateau site was shut off from the public, being closed since 1990, thanks to the Press Office of the Ministry of Antiquities who wanted to boost tourism by cleaning the gaff up.

In his book, The Valley of the Golden Mummies, Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass, reveals the warning left by the workers, according to The Sun.

Ministry of Antiquities

It reads:

All people who enter this tomb who will make evil against this tomb and destroy it, may the crocodile be against them in water and snakes against them on land.

May the hippopotamus be against them in water, the scorpion against them on land.

Fighting a hippopotamus just for nicking a few things? Not worth it. Not 4,500 years ago, not ever!


Until the erection of the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 1889, the Great Pyramid was the tallest structure ever made by human hands; a record it held for over 3,000 years.


The pyramid rises to a height of 479 feet (146 metres) with a base of 754 feet (230 metres) and is comprised of over two million blocks of stone.

Last month it was discovered the Ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid by transporting 170,000 tons of limestone in boats.

The 2.5 ton blocks were ferried through a system of revolutionary canals before arriving at an inland port, yards away from the base of the pyramid.

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