Tourists Kill Shark After Dragging It From Sea Just To Pose For Photos


Warning: Distressing footage.

A shark has died after a group of tourists and lifeguards were filmed violently pulling it from the sea, just so they could pose for photos with it. 

They managed to wrestle the shark from the waves and drag it further up the beach, trapping its head in a rubber ring while laughing as it starts floundering and then suffocates.


The video was reportedly taken in the Dominican Republic, with lifeguards from the nearby Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana getting involved, The Dodo reports.

Pictures posted on social media show a number of Hard Rock Hotel staff smiling as they lean over the dying shark.

shark web thumbFacebook

This is just the latest in a long line of stunts where people have caused the deaths of innocent animals, just for the sake of a decent selfie.

Back in March, a woman allegedly killed a swan in Macedonia after dragging it out of a lake by one of its wings.

dolphin1Facebook/Hernan Coria

In February, pictures of a dead baby dolphin went viral, after tourists yanked it out of the ocean and fought over it for photos.

Also in February, two peacocks died after tourists picked them up for selfies and had their feathers plucked out, while another shark was also violently dragged from the sea for selfies, although it’s believed that shark survived the horrendous ordeal.

shark-florida-anim_3579904bAshleigh Walters/Facebook

We can only hope that people will start to finally value animal lives more than their pursuit for a perfect selfie.