Mysterious ‘Ghost Dog’ Wanders Round Town Hitchhiking Lifts

by : Tom Percival on : 19 Jan 2016 10:12
franklin 3Facebook/Franklin the Gungahlin Maremma

A stray dog who hitchhikes around his town is capturing the hearts of everyone he meets.

The Mirror report that a Meremma sheepdog named Franklin has been on the loose for the last three years and has become something of a celebrity in Canberra, Australia.


He was allegedly adopted by a family three years ago and originally named Samson, but he escaped and has been living on the road ever since.

franklin 1Facebook/Franklin the Gungahlin Maremma

Franklin’s been called the ‘Ghost Dog’ because of his white coat and his bizarre ability to suddenly appear from nowhere, and then vanish just as quickly.

Currently it’s believed he is cared for by a network of dog lovers around the Gungahlin district and he even has his own Facebook page, which has more than 3,000 likes.


Pictures and updates of the dog are regularly posted online, showing Franklin seemingly looking healthy and happy.

franklin 2Facebook/Franklin the Gungahlin Maremma

But there’s some debate on how to best take care of Franklin long term.

Some say he should be re-homed, while others believe he should be allowed to roam freely.


The RSPCA have said they haven’t received any complaints about the welfare of Franklin, but are advising Franklin fans that the dog should be fed by one person in order to gain trust.

1505501_621726474542770_124686354_nFacebook/Franklin the Gungahlin Maremma

Mark Scarborough, who runs Franklin’s Facebook page said:

We have discussed Franklin with RSPCA and they have advised that the best thing we can do is to leave Franklin alone.

The more people chase and try to catch him the more frightened he will become and could potentially cause an accident if he runs onto a road.

It is hoped over time he will become more comfortable being around people and particular individuals.


We’re hoping that Franklin will find a good home soon.

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    Footage shows 'ghost dog' strolling through streets without a care in the world