Toy Story 3 Is Actually Communist Propaganda Claims Bizarre Theory


Pixar’s films are known for having multiple layers that means all members of the family can go to the cinema and enjoy them.

They critiqued human wastefulness in Wall-E, our lack of environmental awareness in Finding Nemo, and – apparently – criticised capitalism in Toy Story 3.

Well, at least according to a bizarre theory on the internet, the last one is definitely true.

Miran Rijavec

A gentleman named Chris Bogue has taken to his improvisation group’s website to voice his concerns about the communist undertones in the Pixar classic.

I mean, he’s really not happy about Pixar in general, calling them Pixarxists, and he’s really going in on the kid’s film.

He basically says the relationship between Woody and co. and their owner Andy, is the same as the working classes and their benevolent master.


So they exist in a communist utopia, until they go to Sunnyside Day Care that is.

Bogue explains:

For years, Woody and his cohorts have served as bleeding heart liberal suckers to their benevolent master Andy.

Instead of focusing on why they are individually the best, the toys want nothing more than to serve their government.

Naturally, big government Andy doesn’t give a damn about them and the toys wind up at a Day Care Center. There they meet a kindly villain bear named Lotso.


He goes on:

Lotso describes the Day Camp as a free market where the toys have unlimited potential and are their own bosses.

Of course they start in the bottom of the social hierarchy, serving as the playthings of vicious barbarian toddlers, but the invisible toy hand of the day care market is assured to provide room for upward mobility.

This is the American dream.


He says that Pixar then go out of their way to shit all over the American Dream, because the toys weren’t happy about being exploited at the hands of the ruling classes.

He says that this is where the full communist revolution comes from, when Woody and the gang stage an uprising and get rid of the oppresive Lotso and his crony mates.

It could have been lifted straight out of The Communist Manifesto.

Toy Story 3Pixar

I can almost imagine him red as a commie in anger when he wrote this bit:

The whole film is infuriating for REAL Americans who love this country. Buzz is speaking Spanish (sorry Spaceman, we speak one language in this country).

A Ken doll is obviously trying to spoof Republican law makers as closeted homosexuals (which is an unfair stereotype except for all those Republicans with gay sex scandals), the toys never go to church once, and nothing is done to repair Joe McCarthy’s heroic legacy.


I mean he’s definitely on to something, but I think the whole Republican homosexual thing is a bit far.

There are some definite Marxists (or at least socialist) lines in the film, most notably when Ken calls out the hierarchy.

He announces:

Everyone, listen! Sunnyside could be cool and groovy if we treated each other fair. It’s Lotso. He’s made us into a pyramid, and he put himself on top!

Toy Story 3Pixar

The best thing about this is that Bogue is really really angry about finding an amazing communist reading in what was already one of the better Pixar films.

We should all now seize the means of this theory, and spread cuddly consciousness.