Tragic Moment Plane Crashes On Take-Off, Killing Five People


Video footage has captured the horrendous moment a plane crashed during take-off in Colombia. 

A terrifying video caught the very moment a plane overshot the runway and crashed in Puerto Carreno.


The cargo plane smashed into a field seconds after take-off, the Mirror reports.

It quickly came down after attempting to take-off from German Olano Airport, on its way to Bogota, the Colombian capital.


The Boeing 727, struggled to gain altitude before it was free of the runway and in shocking footage, can be seen to plough back down into a neighbouring field, according to unconfirmed reports.

Columbia’s Civil Aviation agency have reported there were six people travelling at the time, consisting of the pilot, co-pilot and crew.


Devastatingly, it is believed only one person survived the horrific crash but it is not yet known which member of the crew this was.

The lone survivor was taken to San Juan de Dios Hospital it has been reported.


It was believed the accident happened 5.23pm local time, which is 11.23pm GMT.

Heart-wrenching photos have now surfaced, showing search teams hunting through the wreckage.


Here’s the harrowing video capturing the moment the plane plummeted back down:

Scarily, this is the second plane crash to have taken place in the last month on Colombian turf.

Just three weeks ago, a plane crashed near Medellin airport killing 71 people.


The plane was carrying the Chapecoense football team at the time of the crash and sadly only six people from the flight survived.

Thoughts are with everyone affected by this dreadful incident.