Tragic High Risk Selfie Costs Seven People Their Lives


One man’s bid to take a high risk selfie cost him his life, and the lives of six others who attempted to save him.

Shivam Gupta was trying to take the photo while stood near the Ganges river, Kanpur, India, on Wednesday – but he was swept away by the current after falling.

The Telegraph reports the 19-year-old was on the Ganga Barrage bridge when he slipped on an algae-covered platform into the water.

Five of Gupta’s college friends and a 31-year-old local called Maqsood died after entering the river – which was running high after monsoon rains – and being claimed by the current. Shivam’s brother Satyam was among the dead.


24 people have died in the river, which is considered holy by Hindus, since last September.

Senior police chief Shalabh Mathur, told the Indian Express:

Youngsters who throng the Ganga barrage in large numbers often risk their lives while bathing in the river.

They go deep into the river and slip on the rocks. Before they can realise what went wrong on their part, they are caught in the swirls of Ganga.

Barriers are set to be installed around the bridge, and police have been informed to arrest anyone who steps onto the platform. Police in Mumbai are so concerned with selfie related deaths that they’re calling for ‘no selfie zones’ at dangerous locations.

Roughly half of all the world’s reported selfie related deaths took place in India last year – clearly something needs to change.