Trailer Drops For This Year’s Best Zombie Movie ‘Here Alone’

by : Tom Percival on : 27 Feb 2017 18:34
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Get ready to sink your rotten teeth into some creepy zombie horror because the trailer for the highly-anticipated crazy cannibal movie Here Alone has arrived. 


Here Alone tells the story of Ann, a young girl who spends her days wandering decimated cities and the unforgiving wilderness as she desperately tries to avoid crowds of flesh eating zombies.

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One day she runs in to two other survivors, Chris and Olivia, who think they need to stop running from the hordes of undead and settle down.

Unfortunately for them the years of isolation have left Ann a little paranoid and she struggles to cope with her new companions.


Like Dawn of the Dead and The Walking Dead the basic idea seems to be that when the dead walk the Earth it’s the other survivors who may be the most dangerous thing about.

You can check out the trailer here…

Here Alone’s been widely praised for it’s interesting concept and even won the Tribeca Film Festival audience award.

Variety Film critic Dennis Harvey enjoyed it, writing in his review: 

A surprisingly sober entry in the Tribeca film fest’s midnight section, and even more surprising winner of its narrative feature audience award, this stripped-down survivalist drama about a woman carrying on after a virus has killed and/or zombified most of humanity is probably too low on conventional action to satisfy mainstream horror fans.

But critical support could propel it into niche theatrical release, with specialized home-format sales more of a given.

Unfortunately Here Alone doesn’t have a UK release date yet but here’s hoping the recent buzz will push a distributor to pick it up sooner rather than later…

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