Trailer For Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds Documentary Released


“Mother and I live next to each other,” says Carrie Fisher in the beginning of the recently-released trailer for Bright Lights: Starring Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

What follows is two minutes of bittersweet footage and home movies showing the unbreakable bond and love between Carrie and her mother, Debbie Reynolds.

And while you may remember the iconic actresses for their roles on screen, their personal relationship was just as moving.

The 95-minute documentary, directed by Alexis Bloom and Fisher Stevens, was filmed over more than a year in 2014 and 2015 leading up to Reynolds preparing to receive her Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award – which Fisher presented to her.

From Reynolds’ quick quips to a frank revelation on mental health, you can be sure that the documentary will bring tears flowing (again).

“I’m my mom’s best friend. Far more than I would ever want to, I know what my mother feels and wants,” Fisher says near the end.


Fisher, 60, was aboard an 11-hour flight from London to Los Angeles when she went into cardiac arrest just 15 minutes before landing. She died four days later, on December 27, in the hospital.

Reynolds died a day later at the age of 84. Her son Todd said she told him before she was rushed to the hospital: “I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie.”

Directors Alexis Bloom and Fisher Stevens told People: “We started out making a film about Hollywood royalty. And we ended up making a film about love.”

Following their tragic deaths, HBO have moved up the premiere date of Bright Lights.

It will now air January 7.