Trailer For ‘Clownado’ Horror Film Looks Absolutely Bonkers And Amazing

by : Julia Banim on : 08 Nov 2018 20:52
Clownado trailer has landedClownado trailer has landed Extreme Entertainment

You’ve seen Sharknado, you’ve seen It. But have you ever wondered what would happen if a mad scientist whacked these two movies into a big old rusty blender? What do you mean, ‘no’?

Well, like it or not we now have the definitive answer to this musing in trailer form: a surreal and bloody storm of entrails and clown paint.


Clownado is the horror film you never saw coming, having of course never really worried about a theoretical tornado full of eerie jesters until this very day.

But of course, if you can shove a load of sharks in a tornado, why not clowns? This is the cavalier attitude shared by the Clownado team, who funded the film through successfully raising $15,000 through Indiegogo.

Director Todd Sheets told Bloody Disgusting:


The goal with Clownado was to make a damned good, scary and splatter-filled, nonstop roller coaster ride,

It’s something new, fresh, original and unique but also familiar. Using only Practical Special Makeup Effects and old school styled Visual Effects, Clownado has the vibe of classic horror movies we love.

Think Evil Dead, Dead Alive, Bad Taste and Texas Chainsaw Massacre if Lucio Fulci was directing, all mixed in a swirling storm of insanity.

Without further adieu, behold your first look at the nightmarish world of Clownado – a universe where clowns are apparently blown around on the wind in pursuit of human flesh:

There’s a lot going on in this trailer. While many mainstream horrors would generally eschew putting excess gore in trailers, Clownado goes full hog and gets straight to the heart of the matter (literally). Let us discuss.


The trailer opens with a car speeding along a darkened road and a violent storm brewing close by. A crackling car radio can be heard, the host warning of the weather conditions being dangerous for those who do not seek shelter. A title card then ominously contradicts, ‘There’s no shelter from this storm’. Oooo.

Things get pretty intense after this. A bald clown in what appears to be patchwork prison garb stares through a glass door. Another clown grins as a fountain of blood spurts from his victim’s neck.

The trailer quickly descends into a gruesome body horror montage of squelching intestines, unicycles and manic laughter. We are also given a disconcerting image of a clown with what appears to be a fanged mouth for a nipple.

At one point a woman speaks for us all when she bellows, ‘What the hell is going on here?’ I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out the answer to that one….


As of yet, no release date has been confirmed for Clownado. Just maybe keep an eye out for any flashes of lightning…

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