Tense Trailer For Long Awaited Snowden Biopic Arrives


Back in 2012 Edward Snowden set the world alight when he released classified NSA document to journalists at The Guardian. Now Academy Award nominated director Oliver Stone is hoping for a similar reaction with his latest film Snowden

The long-awaited movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the titular Edward Snowden, the infamous NSA agent who came to realise how pervasive the worldwide surveillance of innocent people by their own governments had become.

snowden-joseph-gordon-levittOpen Road Films

Outraged at the crime he sees being committed, he decides to leak this information to journalists at the cost of his own of his own freedom, and potentially his life.

Roped into the emerging conspiracy are an impressive supporting cast, including Shailene Woodley, Zachary Quinto, Rhys Ifans, and the always entertaining Nicolas Cage.

snowdenmovie04072015gettyOpen Road Films

From the trailer things certainly look interesting, although I’m not sure about Gordon-Levitt’s accent, it may be accurate but I don’t know if I can sit through the whole film listening to that.

Funny accent aside, Snowden’s going to be a divisive picture for many and I’m positive it’ll get people talking. Even now the debate still rages over whether the ex-CIA agent is a hero or a traitor depending on personal politics.

Snowden-previewOpen Road Films

Here’s the hoping that the film doesn’t whitewash Snowden’s actions or make him into a digital Robin Hood.

Hopefully it’ll examine both the positives and negatives that his decision had, and I pray that it balances both sides of the argument deftly.

Snowden opens later this year.