Trains Will Have ‘Hidden Cameras’ To Catch You With Your Feet Up

by : UNILAD on : 15 May 2016 12:33

I presume we’ve all heard the horror stories from friends who’ve casually and harmlessly had their feet on an unoccupied train seat only to get questioned by the ticket-man and subsequently fined a fuck-ton. 


But now in an absolutely dystopian move by some rail and bus companies, they’re going to be equipping their vehicles with secret cameras to catch those in the act.

Personally, somebody with their feet on a seat doesn’t really offend me – unless the train’s jam packed and there’s nowhere to sit, but according to a new survey quite a lot of passengers find people who put their feet up to be ‘intimidating’ and ‘confrontational’.


According to the Mirror, the report by Transport Focus said:


On first thought, passengers putting their feet on seats would not seem too serious a crime but rather low-level anti-social behaviour.

Bus passengers often tell us that they find it both intimidating and confrontational – it interferes with the comfort of their journey.

God damn those intimidating feet.

Following the report, it seems like MerseyRail are doing their all to put an end to such a travesty.

Jeh Johnson Discusses Rail Security Efforts At Washington's Union StationJeh Johnson Discusses Rail Security Efforts At Washington's Union StationGetty

The report continues:

The behaviour of passengers is monitored by ‘Byelaw Enforcers’ (provided by Carlisle Security, contracted by Merseyrail) who patrol the network and take footage using cameras attached to their uniforms of people committing offences, such as feet on seats.

The footage is then used in order to support prosecutions.

Wow. They’re really not messing about, and the fines are pretty heavy too.

A first offender can expect at least a £50 fine, but a serial shoe seat offender can expect anything up to £350.


What a world eh. As if things weren’t troublesome enough.

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    Hidden cameras to be used on trains and buses to catch passengers with feet on seats