Transgender Father Abandons Family To Live As A Little Girl

Daily Xtra/YouTube

A Canadian transgender dad has left behind her wife and seven children to start a new life, living as a six-year-old girl.

Stefonknee Wolschtt, 46, had been married for 23 years when she realised she was transgender and is now living with an adoptive family, saying she does not “want to be an adult right now”.

Speaking in a video series by The Transgender Project, published by Daily Xtra she said: “I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children. But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child.”

Daily Xtra/YouTube

Wolschtt went on to say that her wife could not accept her as a transgender woman and was given an ultimatum of being told to either ‘stop being trans or leave’.

Understandably feeling rejected by her family, Stefonknee left their home and now lives with an adoptive family who she says are ‘totally comfortable’ with her being a little girl.

Speaking during the video, Wolschtt explains how her new adopted parents granddaughter wanted a little sister and she said that she must be younger than her.

Daily Xtra/YouTube

The pair do kid’s stuff together as part of ‘play therapy’, as Wolschtt spoke of how she became suicidal and was hospitalised for a month after taking part in the first transgender march in Toronto back in 2009.

After being discharged from hospital, her wife accused her of assault and harassment and even presed charges against her to get a restraining order enforced.

Daily Xtra/YouTube

Her eldest daughter invited Wolschtt to her wedding back in 2012, but was asked to ‘dress like her dad’ and asked to sit out of the way and not speak to any members of the family.

One her daughter’s wedding day, Stefonknee attempted to commit suicide, but was unsuccessful.

Thankfully, she now receives support from a congregation mostly made up of LGBT people at the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto.

We can only hope that Stefonknee one day gets support from her ex-wife and children as well.