Transgender Mafia Boss Tortured And Shot Dead In ‘Execution-Style Killing’


A mafia boss who’d transitioned from female to male has been shot dead after being tortured.

The Independent reports that 41-year-old, Giovanni Arrivoli’s body was found half buried in a ditch near Melito di Napoli, in Italy’s Campania region. An area supposedly dominated by the mafia, known locally as the Camorra.

Arrivoli was reportedly a senior member of the local Pagato Amato crime family and is believed to have been shot twice in the head, in what police are describing as an execution-style killing.

The alleged gangster was born as Giovanna Arrivoli but identified as a man and underwent female-to-male gender reassignment surgery.

His girlfriend reported him missing three days ago and his body was found on May 13. Local media reported that there were signs Arrivoli had been tortured before being forced to kneel and killed.


Giovanni owned and ran the Blue Moon café in Melito di Napoli, a bar where his crime family is believed to have conducted its business.

Local police currently have no clues as to the motive for the killing, although some have suggested it was a a drug deal gone wrong or a warning to Carmine Borrello, Arrivoli’s younger brother, who’s rumoured to have joined a rival gang

Arrivoli had been released from jail back in 2012 after serving his time for drug-related charges and planned on marrying his girlfriend.