Transgender Man’s ‘Bloated Belly’ Turns Out To Be Baby Bump

Kayden X Coleman/Facebook

A transgender man got a lot more than he bargained for after thinking he was just a bit out of shape…

Kayden Coleman, 29, from Florida, had been living as a man for almost a decade and taking male hormones for years. But, before his double mastectomy, he started to notice he’d put on a bit of weight…

Kayden X Coleman/Facebook

That’s when they realised nature dropped a bombshell and Kayden had fallen pregnant with his husband Elijah, 27, because he’d taken a break from hormones in the lead up to his operation.

Understandably, the couple were equally surprised and overjoyed after finding out Kayden was 21 weeks pregnant. But, this was when he was forced to come out to some people, including Elijah’s family. Four months on, he was in labour for four days before giving birth to their daughter Azaelia.

Kayden X Coleman/Facebook

He was reported of saying in The Mirror that outside of their family it had gone largely unnoticed.

Kayden said:

This woman in a shop said to me, ‘honey, you look like you’re pregnant’. I just laughed and said, ‘I am pregnant!’ – she didn’t believe me. Even when I first held her it hadn’t sunk in that she was mine, so I didn’t really feel much. But I knew things would never be the same again. I was so happy to finally see her face. Now it feels great. I couldn’t imagine, and don’t want to imagine, life without her. She is amazing.

Kayden X Coleman/Facebook

Kayden Coleman and husband Elijah plan to tell 22-month-old Azaelia about her unusual family when she is five.