Treasure Hunter Reveals Dark Secrets Of The Nazi Gold Train

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An 85-year-old treasure hunter who spent half his life searching for the missing Nazi Gold Train has revealed the dark secrets behind the hunt – and it makes the Indiana Jones movies look tame in comparison!


Tadeusz Slowikowski has spoken out about the murder, secret police intimidation tactics and a deathbed confession, all of which ultimately led to the discovery of the train under a hillside in Poland.

And the pensioner also claims that he knows the exact location of the train, the identity of the two men who said they found it two weeks ago, and the identity of a man who confessed to its whereabouts on his deathbed.

Slowikowski says he first heard about the train during the 1950s.


Speaking to the Mail Online, he said:

I became aware of the tunnel after saving a German man named Schulz from being attacked by two men. As gratitude for saving him, he told me about the tunnel.

Schulz explained how he was working on the Polish railways after the Second World War when another German man told him about the mystery, and also revealed that a family who lived in a house near the railway were murdered, allegedly to keep the existence of the tunnel a secret.

Slowikowski added:

[Schulz] saw two tracks leading into the tunnel. The tunnel was blocked up very shortly afterwards.

This house used to overlook the track. From the top window you could see everything coming and going on the railway line. On the 5th of May 1945, the family living there were all shot dead and the house razed to the ground. It was three days before the Soviets took the town. Whoever killed them didn’t want them talking about anything they had seen.

The German railway worker told Schulz what he had seen on his deathbed and this information was subsequently passed onto Slowikowski.

Slowikowski owns a map dating from 1928 which shows a siding entering the hillside near Walbrzych. He was given official permission in 2003 to explore the area in search of the train, until he received death threats for doing so.


Slowikowski said:

As soon as we started, three men in civilian clothes and carrying guns came up to us and threatened us, telling us to stop. I didn’t know who they were, but I had my suspicions.

Shortly afterwards my dog was poisoned. Then my front door was smashed in and then my phones began to be tapped. These were classic tactics of the secret police when they wanted to intimidate people.


The area where the train is believed to be hidden has now been sealed off and treasure hunters have been warned not to go after the gold as its contents may be booby trapped!

Even people from Poland’s Internal Security Service (ABW) have shown up, leading to rumours that secret Nazi documents may be among the train’s contents, along with the myriad of treasures looted by the Third Reich.

The legend of the Nazi Gold Train continues to grow!

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