Trevor Noah Destroys Tomi Lahren With Powerful Anti-racist Argument

noah2Comedy Central/The Daily Show

Trevor Noah has the unenviable task of filling Jon Stewart’s Daily Show shoes, but he is proving up to the task.

Yesterday night saw the satirical host take on outspoken conservative Tomi Lahren, and the debate was a masterclass.

As reported by Vulture, Noah thoughtfully held Lahren to account over her controversial views on a range of topics including Black Lives Matter, immigration, and Donald Trump.

Check it out:

Lahren had some rather intriguing arguments:

I don’t see color. I go after Hillary Clinton and she’s as white as they come.

Credit it to her, Lahren Handled the aftermath with grace…

Ultimately Lahren was defeated by Noah’s ability to thoughtfully counter her arguments with specific reference to hypocritical inconsistencies.

However, it has to be said of both participants it was refreshing to see a respectful argument in the limelight. A rare break from the brand of political discussion the world has become accustomed to in recent months.