Triple H Reveals How The Rock Came Up With The People’s Elbow


Did you ever look at The Rock gearing up for the People’s Elbow and think ‘I wonder how he came up with that?’ instead of just saying ‘Here comes the People’s Elbow!’?

I never have, personally. I’m too mesmerised by the showbiz that goes with it. The armband removal, the kick, the double rope bounce and hop. It’s a move you can’t imagine anyone else doing.

But some two decades after the first People’s Elbow, we know the history thanks to Triple H.

Appearing on Greg James’ BBC show, the semi-retired wrestler explained how Dwayne Johnson came up with the move at a WWE house show.

He said: 

I can distinctly remember that, in a non-televised match, where we got to the point that, when you’re working in the smaller places and you’ve been on the road for 300 days and you’re in this place of ‘Let’s just make Taker break character tonight.

And one night Rock did the People’s elbow, but it wasn’t known as the People’s Elbow then.

It was known as: Watch this move that’s going to make all of you lose it in your corners.

And then it got to the point where it would happen at a couple of events and there was a night where, I think we were all working a tag match on TV, and [Mick] Foley said: ‘I dare you to do that elbow tonight.’

These things morph in those ways that they just catch on, and trust me, we’re quick to go: ‘Oh they like that. I’m sticking with that.’

Long may it live.