Trolls Mock Death Of Bullfighter On His Own Facebook Page

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jul 2016 17:08
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The Facebook page of the Spanish bullfighter who was gored to death has been taken down after it was attacked by trolls saying he deserved to die.


Victor Barrio was pierced through the chest during a fight in Teruel when an 87 stone bull caught him off guard.

The bull then gored him in the chest before it was eventually chased away, however it was too late and Victor was pronounced dead almost immediately.




He became the first Spanish bullfighter to die in the ring since 1985, however critics of the sport took to his Facebook page to celebrate his death, labelling it ‘karma’.

Some commenters praised the bull – named Lorenzo – while others hoped for further deaths.

A particularly strongly worded message wished him to ‘burn in hell’ and said his painful death was fitting:

May you be attacked by bulls all of your entire afterlife, so you forever feel the pain but can never die. Good riddance. Adios.


Even people who took to Victor’s Facebook to post their condolences became a target for the trolls.

One user posted (in Spanish):

I have been looking in the dictionary for half an hour to find the exact words to portray my pain… I could not find them, all fall short. A hug to the family.


The post was then replied to by another user who said: 

I can help you with your missing words: Wonderful, Great, Super, KARMA


One woman, spoke out against the trolls writing (in Spanish):

I don’t think it is right what people are posting on this page. [Disagreeing] with bullfighting does not give them the right to insult a person.

This is his page and the most they can do is, if they don’t like it, shut their mouth and keep their opinions to themselves.

Victor’s death has thrown oil on the debate over whether bullfighting should be allowed to continue in Spain.


A number of cities are considering banning the controversial ‘sport’ and authorities are debating whether to end public financial support for bullfighting.

Hopefully we can all agree that whether you support bullfighting or not, Victor’s family should be given the privilege of being allowed to mourn his death without these personal attacks.

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