Trollstation ‘Pranksters’ Brag About Prison Lifestyle Via Snapchat


One member of the four imprisoned Trollstation team has managed to maintain a social media presence despite being behind bars.

Endrit Ferizolli has managed to get his hands on a phone to give Snapchat followers an insight into prison life, plus tours of the cell he now calls home.

The 20-year-old has been using the platform to brag about the prison lifestyle bestowed upon him for being part of a fake heist at the National Portrait Gallery, before staging a fake robbery and kidnapping at Tate Britain.


Ferizolli said:

I’ve seen more drugs in jail than I have on the road. I’ve seen more shanks. It’s mad.

Anything you can get on the road side you can get in jail for the right price.


He also captioned one post ‘Another day in the Queen’s house done, tomorrow, what will it bring?’, while complaining on Facebook that there are ‘No flat screen or chicks but got a PS2.’

The heart bleeds…

Any one up for some prison banter

Posted by TrollStation on Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ferizolli, who held a loudspeaker which played a siren during the ‘heist’, was originally sentenced to 16 weeks in a young offenders’ institution, but at the start of July was transferred to Wandsworth Prison.

He now shares a cell with 27-year-old fellow prankster Daniel Jarvis, who similarly likes striking a pose while in custody…


This is the ‘prank’ which landed the YouTubers in trouble, with reports of panicked victims being trampled while fleeing the heist scene:

The Home Office is yet to comment on the posts made from inside the prison – but if it was their hope the viral wind up merchants would learn to stop attention seeking while locked up, then a rethink may be required…