Truck Blowout On Motorway Sends Massive Chunk Of Metal Through Girl’s Windscreen

by : UNILAD on : 05 Aug 2018 20:05
Piece of metal goes through windscreenPiece of metal goes through windscreenViralHog

A driver was left distraught after the right back tyre of a truck, which was in front of her car, blew out, causing a piece of metal to smash through her windscreen.


The near-death incident took place on an Australian motorway, with the driver’s dashcam footage capturing the shocking incident in full.

The driver had her three-week-old daughter in the rear right passenger seat when the piece of metal fell off the truck flying into her windscreen.

We’ve already seen two near-death road experiences this week, one in which a cyclist was inches away from becoming the latest piece of abstract art and another in which a lorry (containing cement) collided with another vehicle. It’s as if everyone’s forgotten about Health and Safety on the road all of a sudden.


Or maybe it’s just carelessness, you spend enough time on the road and you start to think you’re Lewis Hamilton. Turns out your driving skills are about as popular as Waluigi’s in Mario Kart, and nobody likes Waluigi in anything.

Maybe this week’s recent spate of roadside reports is a metaphor for life being like Mario Kart and these accidents are down to people being too careless on the road. Or it could be God’s/the Universe’s way of throwing red shells and banana skins at us.

 Piece of metal goes through windscreen Piece of metal goes through windscreenViralHog

This recent incident took place in Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia, last week (August 2). Driver Kahla Butler and her infant passenger were a hairline fracture away from a fatal road accident, as proven in the video above. As she was travelling on the M1 motorway towards Melbourne with her baby daughter in the rear right passenger seat, a truck in front of her had one of its rear tyres blown out.

Kahla explained:

I change from the far right to the middle lane and after I had fully entered the middle lane a broken off pieces of metal came flying from under a truck carrying logs in front of me. One piece rebounded off the road and into my bonnet and through my windscreen on the passenger side.

It then rebounded off the headrest and fell into the passenger side footwell.

Kahla brings the car to a halt and can be heard crying in distress, and with good reason too as she was worried about the safety of her child who was in the backseat.


She went on to say:

I reacted as soon as I realized what was happening and then I put my hazards on and merged over to the left shoulder. The truck did not stop and kept going. It was probably unaware it happened.

Piece of metal goes through windscreenPiece of metal goes through windscreenViralHog

Luckily for her, there was an undercover police officer who ‘was a couple of minutes behind’ to offer her assistance.

She said the officer:

… collected a few pieces off the road and then pulled over to me. Details were taken and highway police and tow called to take over.

Good to hear Khala and her three-week-old baby were left unscathed.

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