Truck Driver Shot In The Face After Road Rage Attack


While driving a moving truck, Eliel Perez was the victim of a horrific road rage attack which saw him shot in the face with a shotgun. 

Eliel was on his way to make a furniture delivery in Miami with two co-workers for the Two Men and a Truck removals company when a driver went through a red light, reports NBC.

As you’d expect – Eliel beeped at the driver of the car but just seconds later the driver pulled out a shotgun and began to shoot at the delivery truck.


Co-worker Telaysis Lee explained:

The guy ran the stop sign, and you know, he’s flicking us off and all that, and all we did was beep the horn at him.

We were coming through the next stop sign and he was parked and aimed and shot at the window and shot my friend while he was driving.

Road rage completely, I don’t know what was wrong with the guy, he lost his mind I don’t even know.

Heroically Telaysis took his shirt off and used it to stop the bleeding from Eliel’s wounds.

It was later revealed that Eliel had been shot twice with the shotgun and he underwent immediate surgery. However he has since been released from hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Two Men and a Truck released a statement which read:

Eliel underwent surgery and has been released from the hospital. He is in good spirits and grateful for the outpouring of support today.

We are incredibly proud of the compassion and response of our team involved in this terrible incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with Eliel as he continues to recover.

Hopefully Eliel makes a complete recovery – both physically and mentally, and the shooter gets a suitable punishment…