Trump Becomes Only President In Eight Decades To Never Achieve 50% Approval Rating

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 19 Jan 2021 18:44
Trump Becomes Only President In Eight Decades To Never Achieve 50% Approval RatingPA Images

Donald Trump has become the first president of the United States to never receive an approval rating of 50% or above in more than 80 years.

His controversial four-year tenure has been divisive from the very beginning, but it was the deadly pro-Trump siege of the US Capitol building which sent the outgoing president’s rating plummeting.


On his final day in the White House, January 19, Trump’s rate of approval currently sits at just 34% in the final Gallup national poll of his presidency; a similar figure seen in the polls just one year into his administration in 2017.

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Trump joins both George HW Bush and Jimmy Carter, who both landed ratings of 34% when they failed to be re-elected for a second term, but where the incumbent president differs from the rest, is the fact that in his four years in power, he has never broken a 50% approval threshold.

According to Gallup, the company that started tracking the company’s approval rating in 1938, Trump’s average 41% approval rate is lower than any other presidents’ since it began recording.


While former presidents Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter both had an average approval rating of just 45%, Trump is the only president in modern history to never actually reach the 50% threshold at any point during his four-year term, Newsweek reports.

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In November last year, the 74-year-old’s approval rating was at its all-time highest, at 46%, however that dropped to just 39% in December, following his onslaught of baseless accusations of a rigged election. His approval then dropped by a further four points this month, following the deadly siege of the Capitol.

A separate poll, recently conducted by Politico, also found that if the 2024 presidential election were to be held now, just 42% of Republicans would vote for Trump, proving that while his followers may be willing to commit serious crimes to pledge their support to him, they are in the minority.

United States President Donald Trump returns to the White HousePA Images

In addition to the less than complimentary title of having the lowest approval rating of any modern president, Trump also recently became the first US president to ever be impeached twice.

On January 13, an article of impeachment charged Trump with the ‘incitement of insurrection,’ after he actively encouraged his followers to march towards the US Capitol building on the day of President-elect Joe Biden’s certification.

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