Trump Branded ‘Sorest Loser In American History’ By CNN Host After Surprise 46-Minute Speech

by : Julia Banim on : 03 Dec 2020 12:01
Trump Branded 'Sorest Loser In American History' By CNN Anchor Jake Tapper After Surprise 46-Minute SpeechTrump Branded 'Sorest Loser In American History' By CNN Anchor Jake Tapper After Surprise 46-Minute SpeechDonald Trump/Facebook

CNN’s Jake Tapper has branded President Donald Trump as the ‘sorest loser in American political history’ following his surprise 46-minute speech.

In a video which has since been flagged by Twitter for containing misleading content, Trump declared that ‘this may be the most important speech I’ve ever made’, going on to make yet more unsubstantiated claims about ‘tremendous voter fraud and irregularities’.


Describing the 2020 election as a ‘ridiculous period of time’, Trump went on to falsely assert that ‘you have to prove almost nothing to exercise our greatest privilege, the right to vote’.

You can watch part of the speech for yourself in the following clip:

Speaking from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, Trump claimed that the electoral system was ‘under coordinated assault and siege’, while once again failing to produce any evidence to support such strong allegations.


Trump stated:

This is not just about honoring the votes of 74 million Americans who voted for me. It’s about ensuring that Americans can have faith in this election. And in all future elections.

Footage of the speech was released just one day after US Attorney General William Barr revealed that no evidence had been found to suggest voter fraud had overturned the results of the election.

Speaking on Tuesday, December 3, Barr revealed that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security had conducted an investigation into claims of systematic fraud ‘and so far, we haven’t seen anything to substantiate that’.

Donald TrumpDonald TrumpPA Images

Although Trump may have felt it was important, many people have been left unimpressed by the lengthy speech, which contained numerous inaccuracies, misleading remarks and unsupported claims.

CNN anchor Tapper tweeted:

The US Wednesday reports a record-high number of new Covid-19 deaths, per Johns Hopkins University, with 2,658 deaths so far, topping the previous highest number set in April.

History will note that as this horrific record of daily COVID deaths was set, the president was busy pushing out lies and deranged conspiracy theories about the election.


He added:

Really leaning into being the sorest loser in American political history — the full video is 46 minutes long and chock full of lie after lie after lie.

Tapper’s CNN colleague Chris Cuomo has also criticised President Trump’s latest speech during a broadcast, explaining why CNN would not be airing it:


Trump is so far gone, that I cannot in good consience play the substance of a 46 minute spiel that he spewed tonight. It is lies and ugly suggestions that have a basis in nothing but division and malice.

Alcindor added:

Wisconsin has already certified its vote. But, Trump keeps saying he ‘miraculously’ and ‘unexpectedly’ lost when the mail in ballots were counted. He even brings out charts in this video showing how he lost. But, it’s clear Biden supporters were more inclined to vote by mail.

President-elect Biden won the 2020 presidential election with 306 electoral college votes, compared with President Trump’s 232. However, Trump has so refused to concede, opting instead to launch various unsuccessful legal battles in several states.

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    Cuomo explains why CNN won't air Trump's 46-minute speech