Trump Campaign Knew ‘Rigged Election Voting Machine’ Claims Were False

by : Rhiannon Ingle on : 22 Sep 2021 14:35
Trump Campaign Knew ‘Rigged Election Voting Machine’ Claims Were False (Alamy)Alamy

It has been revealed that the Trump campaign knew their ‘rigged election machine’ claims were false. 

On November 19, following his failed election campaign, Trump held a news conference claiming that the voting machines were rigged against him, and alleging that the makers – Dominion Voting Systems – had allied with software firm Smartmatic in order to prevent him from retaining the presidency.


Court filings have revealed, however, that the campaign team already knew the election conspiracy theories Trump was promoting in the news conference were, in fact, untrue.

Trump Campaign Knew ‘Rigged Election Voting Machine’ Claims Were False (Alamy)Alamy

According to The New York Timescourt documents that were released on Monday, September 20, indicate that by the time the news conference was held, two weeks after the election, Trump’s campaign had already ‘prepared an internal memo’ on the claims about Dominion Voting Systems.

During the news conference, Trump’s team of lawyers also alleged that Dominion Voting Systems had teamed up with financier George Soros and Venezuela to ‘steal the presidential contest from Mr. Trump’, per The New York Times. 

Trump Campaign Knew ‘Rigged Election Voting Machine’ Claims Were False (Alamy)Alamy

When asked to ‘substantiate or debunk’ such allegations by former deputy director of communications Zach Parkinson six days prior to the conference, his staff produced a memo listing articles that seemingly showed the claims to be untrue, the publication reports.

The New York Times, however, could not confirm whether Trump had actually been privy to the internal memo before the conference.

The documents were filed as part of a defamation lawsuit brought by former Dominion employee Eric Coomer. His lawyers said, ‘The memo produced by the Trump campaign shows that, at least internally, the Trump campaign found there was no evidence to support the conspiracy theories regarding Dominion,’ reported The New York Times.


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