Trump Campaign Requests Another Georgia Recount Just Days After First Found Biden Won

by : Cameron Frew on : 22 Nov 2020 12:07
Trump Campaign Requests Another Georgia Recount Just Days After First Found Biden WonPA Images

The Trump campaign has requested another recount in Georgia, despite a recount already declaring President-elect Joe Biden to be the winner.

The ‘lame duck’ POTUS is marching on with the narrative that the election has been stolen from him via voter fraud and ‘illegal ballots’, despite absolutely zero evidence of electoral malfeasance across all states.


After two counts, Biden was confirmed to have won in Georgia by 0.2%, a lead of 12,670 votes. However, Trump’s team remain unconvinced.

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Due to the initial count resulting in a Biden victory under 0.5%, Georgia conducted an audit of all presidential ballots – in reality, this is a de facto recount.

That audit was conducted by hand, to ensure there weren’t any errors. Nevertheless, despite Biden’s victory being called, Trump’s campaign has requested – as it’s entitled to do – another recount, which will be carried out by a machine.


As per CNN, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a statement: ‘Because the margin is still less than 0.5%, the president can request a recount after certification of the results. That recount will be conducted by rescanning all paper ballots.’

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Trump recently tweeted: ‘Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!’ So far, no information or evidence pertaining to voter fraud whatsoever has been confirmed.

Trump’s legal team released a statement, which reads: 


Today, the Trump campaign filed a petition for recount in Georgia. We are focused on ensuring that every aspect of Georgia State Law and the US Constitution are followed so that every legal vote is counted. President Trump and his campaign continue to insist on an honest recount in Georgia, which has to include signature matching and other vital safeguards.

The statement also calls for states to stop counting ‘illegal ballots’ – without any explanation as to why certain votes are illegal – and asks for signature matching in the recount, a process which takes place during the original count.

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There is no requirement for signature matching in a further recount, never mind a second. Georgia’s Fulton County has estimated a cost of $200,000 for the recount, according to NBC News.


Jaclyn Rothenberg, the Georgia communications director for Biden’s campaign, also said, ‘Last week’s recount reaffirmed what we already knew: Georgia voters selected Joe Biden to be their next president’.

She added: ‘As the Secretary of State said, there is no reason to believe there are widespread errors or fraud and the Trump campaign has no evidence to back up their baseless claims. Any further recount will simply reaffirm Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia a third time.’

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