Trump Leaves Pence Off List Of Republicans Who Should Run In 2024

by : Cameron Frew on : 23 Mar 2021 12:35
Trump Leaves Pence Off List Of Republicans Who Should Run In 2024PA

Donald Trump didn’t include Mike Pence in his list of ‘very good’ Republicans who should run for president in 2024. 

Towards the end of Trump’s calamitous time in the White House, he and his former vice president appeared to split amid the chaos of baseless election fraud claims and the US Capitol riots. At one point, Trump reportedly shouted at him: ‘I don’t want to be your friend.’


More than two months on from the end of his one and only term, the former POTUS has been far quieter due to having almost no social platform, thanks to a lifetime Twitter ban. However, on a recent podcast appearance, he spoke of who he’d like to see run in a few years – and Pence wasn’t included.

Trump Leaves Pence Off List Of Republicans Who Should Run In 2024PA Images

On a new episode of The Truth with Lisa Boothe, Trump spoke about potential presidential candidates for the next election in 2024.

Excluding Pence, he mentioned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.


Pence is reportedly considering a run in 2024. However, he and Trump have yet to fully make amends after the insurrection. Pence also skipped Trump’s departure ceremony to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration, subbed in for photos which would normally be taken with the president.

On the podcast, Trump beat the drum of his false claims once again, saying: ‘It’s too bad Mike Pence didn’t go back, because you would have had a much different result had Mike Pence gone, he could have said… I’m sorry, but this was not approved by the state legislature, and according to the constitution, it had to be.’

Trump Leaves Pence Off List Of Republicans Who Should Run In 2024PA Images

Prior to officially certifying Biden’s victory, Pence wrote in a letter: ‘It is my considered judgment that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not.’
Alyssa Farah, Pence’s former press secretary, told The Washington Post: ‘Mike Pence is a statesman and a man of the highest integrity. There was really no question he was always going to follow the constitution and do the right thing.’


She added: ‘Once tensions in our country cool, I think Republicans across the spectrum will recognise Pence did the right thing in a difficult moment and that he is an important unifying voice for conservatives going forward.’

Trump has yet to confirm whether he’ll run again in 2024.

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