Trump Newspaper Front Page Kicks Off Epic Photoshop Battle


President Trump is known for speaking, or sometimes shouting, his mind, so it’s easy to see why a stack of papers with his mouth agape went viral.

Redditors who found the image amusing decided it could do with some improving and over 50,000 people agreed:

The image has now been photoshopped into classic art and even animated to ensure it has a long life on the internet.

Famously image-conscious Trump has yet to comment on his new found viral fame.

I suspect there’ll be an internal battle between being made fun of on one hand and being talked about on the other hand.

Say what you will about Donald Trump but he’s the epitome of the phrase, ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity.’

His career and fame seems immune to bad publicity, indeed he almost seems to feed on it.

You can’t really argue with the results – he’s now the most powerful man in the western world based solely on his ability to attract and direct publicity.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a truly impressive ability – people’s attempts to attack him just make him stronger.

I find myself disagreeing with Trump on many political issues – but I literally can’t stop reading articles about him.

The man is magnetic. Like all those pimple popping videos you desperately don’t want to watch but inevitably do.

Perhaps, because of his unique ability to attract so much attention, it’s almost impossible to decide whether he’s actually doing a good job or not?

Like most leaders his successes or failures as a politician will only be revealed years after he’s left the stage and his policies have had a chance to take effect and impact lives.

In the meantime, we can make silly pictures of him and obsess over his tweets I guess?