Trump Refuses To Commit To Accepting 2020 Election Result

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 20 Jul 2020 17:23
Trump Refuses To Commit To Accepting 2020 Election ResultFox News/PA Images

Donald Trump has refused to commit to accepting the 2020 election results and said he’s ‘not a good loser’. 

The president also dubbed recent polls showing his opponent Joe Biden as ahead of him as ‘fake’. The topic of the polls was just one of the many things covered during his interview with Fox News yesterday, July 19.


Despite being presented figures from a Fox News poll showing Biden eight points ahead of Trump, the 74-year-old denied that he was losing and said he had polls that said he was winning.

You can listen to him speak about it here:


Speaking to interviewer Chris Wallace, he said:


I’m not losing, because those are fake polls. They were fake in 2016 and now they’re even more fake.

[…] I have a poll where we’re leading in every swing state. And I don’t believe that your — first of all, the Fox polls, whoever does your Fox polls, they’re among the worst. They got it all wrong in 2016. They’ve been wrong on every poll I’ve ever seen.

Trump got very touchy when being told that polls showed people trusted Biden more to handle the country’s economy and stated that his opponent ‘couldn’t string two sentences together.’

Fox News

If Trump’s sore loser characteristics weren’t already shining through, when Wallace asked if he would accept the 2020 results, he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) say yes or no.


He said, ‘I’m not going to just say yes. I’m not going to say no, and I didn’t last time [in 2016] either.’

The two also touched upon the topic of mental competence with Wallace asking Trump if he thinks his 77-year-old opponent may be senile.

BidenPA Images

Responding to this question, Trump says:


I don’t want to say that. I’d say he’s not competent to be president. To be president, you have to be sharp and tough and so many other things.

Joe doesn’t know he’s alive, OK? He doesn’t know he’s alive.

Prior to discussing the polls, Trump and Wallace have a heated debated over coronavirus and how the country has dealt with it.

Calling the ongoing health crisis a ‘forest fire’, Wallace pointed out that numbers in the US are rising. One day last week saw the US set a new record of 75,000 new cases in a 24 hour period.

Trump InterviewFox News

Trump claimed that they had it ‘under control’ saying:

No, no. But I don’t say— I say flames, we’ll put out the flames. And we’ll put out in some cases just burning embers. We also have burning embers. We have embers and we do have flames. Florida became more flame like, but it’s — it’s going to be under control.

He then claimed the US has the lowest mortality rate in the world, which Wallace quickly shut down stating the country had 900 deaths in one day from coronavirus.

You can watch the full 40 minute interview here.

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