Trump Says He’ll Seek Third Term Because ‘They Spied On Me’

by : Emily Brown on : 18 Aug 2020 16:58
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President Donald Trump wants to seek a third term in the Oval Office because he claims the ‘radical Left’ spied on his campaign. 

I might not be American, but I think a lot of US residents would agree with me when I say that if anyone doesn’t deserve a third term in office, it’s Trump.


Many probably wished Barack Obama could have stayed put in the White House, because everything seemed to be better when he was in charge, but unfortunately there was this little thing called the Constitution standing in the way.

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The 22nd Amendment in the US states, ‘No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice,’ so even if two-time presidents campaigned until they were blue in the face, they still wouldn’t be able to get re-elected.

Trump, however, feels he should be exempt from this rule. No surprises there, then.


Speaking at a rally in Wisconsin on Monday, August 17, the POTUS commented:

We are going to win four more years. And then after that, we’ll go for another four years because they spied on my campaign. We should get a redo of four years.

Of course, Trump would have to win the upcoming November election in order to even get a second term in office, and for the sake of all humanity I can only hope that doesn’t happen. Still, since the results remain theoretical for the time being, let’s focus on why he thinks he should get a third term. Long story short: because he’s a liar.


Trump claimed his 2016 campaign was ‘spied on’, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has refuted that claim, indicating he’s just making it up to try and get what he wants.

Speaking in 2019, as per AP, FBI Director Chris Wray said he did not consider court-approved FBI surveillance to be ‘spying’ and that he had no evidence the FBI illegally monitored Trump’s campaign during the 2016 election.

Basically, Trump is throwing sh*t at the wall and hoping something sticks that will allow him to continue his reign over the US for much, much longer than he should.

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As well as planning ahead for his desired third term, Trump has claimed that the upcoming November election will have to be re-done because he thinks mail-in votes will be unreliable.

He commented:

It’ll end up being a rigged election or they will never come out with an outcome. They’ll have to do it again and nobody wants that and I don’t want that.

You can’t take millions of ballots send them haphazardly all over the country or all over a state and expect to come out properly… universal [mail voting] is going to be a disaster the likes of which our country has never seen.

The president spouted further claims during a stop in Michigan on Monday, where he said he was elected ‘Man of the Year’ 11 years ago. I’m not sure how a decade-old achievement would relate to him being a good president, but it’s a moot point because it seems he never actually won the title.


According to a 2019 report from The Detroit News, the president has now bragged about this award at least seven times, but ‘no one in Michigan seems to know what he is talking about’.

Evidently, nothing the president says can be trusted, something everyone should keep in mind when voting day rolls around.

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