Trump Supporter Blinded By Eye Doctor Disgusted That Trump Pardoned Him

by : Saman Javed on : 23 Jan 2021 18:31
Trump Supporter Blinded By Eye Doctor Disgusted That Trump Pardoned HimPA

A former Donald Trump supporter has abandoned the ex-president’s court after learning that one of his last acts of power was to pardon an eye doctor who left her blind.

Salomon Melgen was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison for the biggest Medicare fraud conviction in US history.


In 2017, a court heard that he had administered a number of unnecessary treatments, often injecting patients directly into the eye.

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Anna Borgia, one of his victims, told The Daily Beast she was writing to Trump to express her anger and rescind her support.

‘I’m writing a letter to Trump. I’m very disappointed in him, I’m going to tell him, ‘Why did you pardon this son of a b*tch?” she said.


In 2017, Melgen was found guilty of defrauding Medicare and other health insurance companies of a figure upwards of $70 million (£51 million).

He was convicted of 67 counts, including healthcare fraud, submitting false claims and falsifying patient records.


During a sentencing hearing at the time, Borgia said Melgen had given her painful injections and laser treatments for diabetes-related sight loss and glaucoma. She said he later botched a surgery that had left her blind.


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At the time, she asked the judge to grant him a life sentence.

During his trial, one of the US’s top retinal specialists called Melgen’s actions ‘abusive’, ‘unconscionable’ and ‘horrifying’.

Julie Haller, ophthalmologist-in-chief at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia who had reviewed Melgen’s records, said of his actions, ‘It’s terrible and disgraceful, and I’m embarrassed for our entire profession.’

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Another witness, Randy Frick, accused Melgen of ‘torturing’ his elderly mother with injections that another doctor later told him were unnecessary.

Melgen was released from prison this week after finding himself on a list of around 140 people who were either pardoned or had their sentences commuted by Trump.

‘Numerous patients and friends testify to [Melgen’s] generosity in treating all patients, especially those unable to pay or unable to afford healthcare insurance,’ the White House said in its supporting statement.

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