Trump Supporters Asked When America Was Last Great, Answers Are Terrifying

by : UNILAD on : 27 Jul 2016 08:11

Need a good laugh? Or maybe a cry? Watch this video of Trump supporters attempting to answer ‘When was America last great?’

Last week, delegates at the Republican National Convention finally officially announced Donald Trump as their choice for presidential nominee.


The convention was actually full of copyrighted speeches and nazi salutes, but somehow, Donald Trump is still officially the Republican presidential nominee.

Republican National Convention: Day FourRepublican National Convention: Day FourGetty

While the party (and the country) are still split over his nomination, his supporters were out in full force at the conference in Cleveland, Ohio, Indy100 reports. And they definitely made their love for the real estate mogul who promises to ‘Make America Great Again’ known.

Luckily, The Daily Show was there to ask Trump supporters the question we’ve all been wondering the answer to: when, exactly, was America last great?


You’d think there’d be a pretty solid consensus with this, but considering we’re speaking to Trump fans, turns out there isn’t one. At all.

And their answers will make you laugh. And then cry while questioning your confidence in democracy.

The question and answer exchanges go a little something like this:

So, when was America last great?

1913, when we passed the Seventeenth Amendment.

Back when women couldn’t vote?


Some think America was last great in the eighties, when crack cocaine was at its prime. Others believe it was way back in 1776, when the ‘Founding Fathers put pen to paper’ – when there was slavery.

Well, if you were never worried about Donald Trump becoming president, you may well be now.

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    Trump supporters were asked when America was last 'great'. Their answers were terrifying